As part of our continuing effort to bring you more data we now have the first of what will be many Car Reviews.

Our Car Reviews won’t be your typical opinionated reviews that you’ll find on other sites. We want to give you a real flavor of what owning a particular car can be, as such we’ll focus on:

  • That Model’s Particular History and Why it was Made
  • A Detailed List of the Car’s Advantages & Disadvantages
  • What Options are Most Desirable & Which are the Rarest Models 
  • What to Look for When Buying Your Own
  • A list of Current eBay Listings for that Model

The segment above we are proudest of, and which should be of greatest help to potential buyers is, “What to Look for When Buying Your Own”. We’re not talking generic age issues here, we’re talking in-depth specific issues which would apply to that model. Giving you the best insight into the car and what you can expect when buying one.

We here at are huge fans of sports cars and frankly there is no reason why everyone who wants one shouldn’t have one. In that spirit our first review features a 400 bhp Australian masterpiece that you can pickup for less than the cost of a new Honda Fit. We’re talking of course of Pontiac’s redesigned GTO. A car that flew under the radar due to its conservative styling but was yet lauded by Top Gear as one of the best cars of 2006. If you’ve ever been interested in a Pontiac GTO, read our review (2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Buying Guide) where we detail the most sought after model and what to look for.

If you’d like any additional information, or would like to suggest our next review please feel free to Contact Us.

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