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Shelby: 0-60 & 1/4 Mile Times

YearMakeModelSub-Model0-60 Time1/4 MileModel Years
2014ShelbyMustangGT500 Super Snake3.5011.802010-2014
2013ShelbyMustangGT500 Super Snake3.5011.602010-2014
2013ShelbyMustangGT500 Convertible3.7012.102010-2014
2005ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
2004ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
2003ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
2002ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
2001ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
2000ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
1999ShelbySeries 1Supercharged3.20-1998-2005
1999ShelbyDurangoSP 3607.10-1999-1999
1998ShelbySeries 14.4012.901998-2005
The above 0 to 60 Mph and quarter mile times have been sourced from a combination of public publications, private testimonials and individual testing. Please keep in mind that there are a multitude of real world factors that can skew these results, including but not limited to: driver ability, pavement quality, tire quality, elevation, temperature, humidity at the testing site, and the quality of the recording device. Based on this, owners should expect their own vehicles to perform within a general acceptable range of these values.


Scion History:

Formed in 1962 by Carroll Shelby, Shelby American has been creating and modifying mostly Ford Mustangs since its inception. Prior to creating the GT350 and GT500, which are based on Mustangs, Shelby became famous by transplanting a Ford 289 and 427 V8 engine into AC Cobras and Aces. The company still produces variations of these in kit car form. In the 1980’s Shelby’s involvement spread to Dodge as well, creating a number of performance variants for the Omni, Charger, Lancer and Dakota. Ultimately this was short lived as it only lasted from 1986-1989.

In 1998 Shelby released the only street car wholly designed in-house, the Shelby Series 1. Using an Oldsmobile 4.0 V8, the Series 1 was a luscious 2-seat roadster with superb performance. Supercharged versions can run from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Unfortunately only a few hundred models were fully produced, although several more has been sold in “kit” form. Recently with the introduction of the new Mustang, Shelby has once again modified them. The epitome is the Shelby Super Snake, which can go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.