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Jeep: 0-60 & 1/4 Mile Times

YearMakeModelSub-Model0-60 Time1/4 MileModel Years
2017JeepCherokeeV6 4x47.5015.802014-2017
2017JeepGrand CherokeeSRT4.4013.002011-2017
2016JeepCherokeeTrailhawk V-67.2015.702014-2017
2016JeepGrand CherokeeSRT84.6013.202011-2017
2016JeepGrand CherokeeV6 4x47.1015.402011-2017
2015JeepCherokeeTrailhawk V-67.2015.702014-2017
2015JeepCompassSport 2.4 4x49.0016.802007-2017
2015JeepGrand CherokeeSRT84.8013.502011-2017
2014JeepCherokeeTrailhawk V6 4X46.7015.202014-2017
2014JeepCompassSport 2.4 4x49.0017.102007-2017
2014JeepGrand CherokeeV66.5015.002011-2017
2014JeepGrand CherokeeSRT84.6013.202011-2017
2014JeepGrand CherokeeSummit EcoDiesel 4x48.0016.102011-2017
2014JeepPatriotLimited 4x4 2.4L Freedom-Drive I9.4017.202007-2017
2013JeepGrand CherokeeOverland Summit AWD 3.6L V69.7017.102011-2017
2013JeepGrand CherokeeSummit 3.0 CRD8.20-2011-2017
2013JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon 4x47.60-2007-2017
2012JeepCompassLimited 2.2 CRD 4x49.1017.002007-2017
2012JeepGrand CherokeeSRT85.3013.802011-2017
2012JeepLibertyJet 4x4 Selec-Trac II10.5017.602008-2012
2012JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon Xplore8.8016.802007-2017
2011JeepCompassLatitude 2.4 Freedom-Drive I 4x410.7018.402007-2017
2011JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 3.0 V6 CRD8.9016.602011-2017
2011JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 3.6L V6 Quadra-Trac II9.5017.102011-2017
2011JeepGrand CherokeeOverland 5.7L V87.9015.802011-2017
2011JeepPatriotLimited 4x4 2.4L Freedom-Drive I9.4017.102007-2017
2011JeepWranglerSport 4x48.8016.802007-2017
2011JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara9.7017.302007-2017
2010JeepCommanderLimited 5.7 V8 Hemi Quadra-Drive II7.5015.602006-2010
2009JeepCommanderLimited 5.7 V8 Hemi Quadra-Drive II7.5015.602006-2010
2008JeepCompass2.0 CRD Limited10.0017.502007-2017
2008JeepGrand CherokeeHennessey SRT6003.7012.202005-2010
2008JeepLibertyLimited 4x49.3017.002008-2012
2008JeepPatriotLimited 2.4L CVT10.7018.502007-2017
2008JeepPatriotSport 2.4L9.4017.102007-2017
2008JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon11.5018.302007-2017
2007JeepCompassLimited 4X49.5017.502007-2017
2007JeepGrand Cherokee3.0 CRD Overland Quadra-Drive II9.0016.702005-2010
2007JeepGrand CherokeeSRT85.2013.802005-2010
2007JeepPatriotLimited 2.0 CRD10.1017.502007-2017
2007JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon9.6017.202007-2017
2006JeepCommanderLimited 5.7 V8 Hemi Quadra-Drive II7.9016.002006-2010
2006JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo 4.7 V8 Quadra-Trac II9.4017.202005-2010
2006JeepGrand CherokeeSRT84.8013.502005-2010
2005JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 5.7 V8 Hemi7.0015.202005-2010
2005JeepLibertySport 4x4 Diesel10.1017.302002-2007
2004JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 4.7 V88.9016.801999-2004
2004JeepGrand CherokeeLimited/Overland6.7015.201999-2004
2003JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 4.7 V88.9016.801999-2004
2003JeepGrand CherokeeLimited/Overland6.7015.201999-2004
2003JeepWranglerRubicon Hardtop9.8017.301997-2006
2002JeepGrand CherokeeLimited 4.7 V88.6016.701999-2004
2002JeepGrand CherokeeLimited/Overland6.7015.201999-2004
2002JeepLibertyLimited Edition8.8016.702002-2007
2000JeepCherokeeSport 4x4 4.0L7.9016.601984-2001
1999JeepCherokeeSE 4x4 2.5L11.3018.101984-2001
1999JeepGrand CherokeeLimited7.5015.901999-2004
1999JeepWranglerSport Hardtop 2.512.7018.901997-2006
1998JeepGrand Cherokee5.9 Limited6.8015.201993-1998
1996JeepCherokeeSE 4WD 2.5L11.2018.101984-2001
1996JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo8.5016.401993-1998
1995JeepGrand Cherokee5.2 V8 Limited Quadra-Trac9.2017.001993-1998
1995JeepGrand CherokeeOrvis8.3016.401993-1998
1993JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo10.0017.401993-1998
1990JeepWranglerIslander 4.2L14.8019.401987-1996
The above 0 to 60 Mph and quarter mile times have been sourced from a combination of public publications, private testimonials and individual testing. Please keep in mind that there are a multitude of real world factors that can skew these results, including but not limited to: driver ability, pavement quality, tire quality, elevation, temperature, humidity at the testing site, and the quality of the recording device. Based on this, owners should expect their own vehicles to perform within a general acceptable range of these values.


Jeep History:

Jeep. No word or marque is more synonymous with off-roading than the unrepentantly American car brand that is Jeep. Designed for WWII by Willys-Overland, the original Jeeps were produced by Willys and Ford during the war. After the war surplus Jeeps became quite popular, finding their way into the general population. It wasn’t until 1950 though that Willys-Overland was able to copyright the name “Jeep”. Since then Jeep has had a rather intriguing history. The brand was sold to Kaiser Motors in 1953, which in turn was bought by AMC in 1970. Renault began to invest in AMC in 1979, putting their own stamp on Jeep designs. This was short lived though, as the brand was sold again in 1987 to Chrysler. Since then the Jeep brand has remained a jewel within the Chrysler stable, even as the parent company has changed hands numerous times.

While no model has represented the Jeep brand more than the Wrangler, since the mid-1980’s the marquee has made few miscues. The Wagoneer was produced for twenty years. Its longevity and durability making it a favorite of large families. Later, the Cherokee was seen as a fundamental shift in the off-road world when introduced, melding 4×4 capabilities with a unibody construction. This unique design was further pushed with the Grand Cherokee. Now you could have a capable 4×4 off-road vehicle which delivered modern luxury amenities and a car-like ride. The SUV’s are no slouches at the track either, with SRT models terrorizing quarter-mile dragstrips nationwide.