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Hummer: 0-60 & 1/4 Mile Times

YearMakeModelSub-Model0-60 Time1/4 MileModel Years
2008HummerH2Wagon Alpha7.1015.702002-2009
1999HummerH16.5L V8 Turbo Diesel16.0020.201992-2006
1997HummerH16.5L V8 Turbo Diesel15.1019.701992-2006
The above 0 to 60 Mph and quarter mile times have been sourced from a combination of public publications, private testimonials and individual testing. Please keep in mind that there are a multitude of real world factors that can skew these results, including but not limited to: driver ability, pavement quality, tire quality, elevation, temperature, humidity at the testing site, and the quality of the recording device. Based on this, owners should expect their own vehicles to perform within a general acceptable range of these values.


Hummer History:

Few brands have had as short and tumultuous history as that of Hummer. First appearing on public roads in 1992, the AM General produced Humvee was a status symbol built around the dominance of the American military. In 1998, general motors licensed the name and marketing of the Hummer brand. While AM General would continue building the Humvee, now labelled H1, GM designed and built the H2 and H3. The H2 proved to be an outstanding success. Its over the top presence, luxury and cavernous interior space made it a favorite of movie stars and soccer moms alike. As gas prices spiked towards the latter half of the 2000’s, Hummer became the environmental linchpin in which soaring oil prices were blamed on. Ultimately the Hummer brand was dismantled in 2010 following plummeting sales. Vehicles of performance note bearing the Hummer badge include a number of “Alpha” models, which came equipped with larger engines and off-road suspensions. Hummer also found success in the off-road racing world, earning 11 production-class victories at the Baja 1000.