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Bugatti: 0-60 & 1/4 Mile Times

YearMakeModelSub-Model0-60 Time1/4 MileModel Years
2016BugattiVeyronGrand Sport2.70-2009-2016
2016BugattiVeyronGrand Sport Vitesse2.60-2012-2016
2016BugattiVeyronSuper Sport2.50-2010-2016
2015BugattiVeyronGrand Sport Vitesse2.50-2012-2016
2014BugattiVeyronGrand Sport2.50-2009-2016
2013BugattiVeyronGrand Sport Vitesse2.4010.002012-2016
2012BugattiVeyronGrand Sport Vitesse2.60-2012-2016
2012BugattiVeyron16.4 Super Sport2.52-2010-2016
2011BugattiVeyronSuper Sport2.509.902010-2016
2010BugattiVeyronGrand Sport2.8010.302009-2016
2010BugattiVeyronSuper Sport2.50-2010-2016
2009BugattiVeyronGrand Sport2.70-2009-2016
1995BugattiEB 110 GT4.50-1992-1995
1994BugattiEB 110 SS3.4011.301992-1995
1993BugattiEB 110 SS3.2011.101992-1995
1992BugattiEB 110 SS3.2011.101992-1995
The above 0 to 60 Mph and quarter mile times have been sourced from a combination of public publications, private testimonials and individual testing. Please keep in mind that there are a multitude of real world factors that can skew these results, including but not limited to: driver ability, pavement quality, tire quality, elevation, temperature, humidity at the testing site, and the quality of the recording device. Based on this, owners should expect their own vehicles to perform within a general acceptable range of these values.


Bugatti History:

The famed French racing car manufacturer Bugatti has little to do with the high-performance sports cars of today. While the design beauty of the modern cars harken back to the hand built examples by Ettore Bugatti, his death in 1947 was the death knell for the company.

The current incarnation of Bugatti was made possible by the purchase of the “Bugatti” naming rights in 1987 by Romano Artioli. Under Artioli the company gained some notoriety based on its EB110 design, but never truly took off. The company was sold to Volkswagen in 1998, and spent the next seven years producing a number of concept cars. The culmination of these concepts was the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which began production in 2005, based out of Molsheim, France. Since then the Veyron has risen in fame and has become probably the most desirable car in the world.