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Ariel: 0-60 & 1/4 Mile Times

YearMakeModelSub-Model0-60 Time1/4 MileModel Years
The above 0 to 60 Mph and quarter mile times have been sourced from a combination of public publications, private testimonials and individual testing. Please keep in mind that there are a multitude of real world factors that can skew these results, including but not limited to: driver ability, pavement quality, tire quality, elevation, temperature, humidity at the testing site, and the quality of the recording device. Based on this, owners should expect their own vehicles to perform within a general acceptable range of these values.


Ariel History:

One of Britain’s smallest car manufacturers, it seems proper that they produce one of the smallest cars on the market today. With just 19 employees, Ariel produces around 100 vehicles a year. Having been founded in the 1990’s, the company has made a name for itself producing the Atom. The Atom is an exposed road car, relying on its tube frame chassis and a handful of panels to deliver to the consumer a vehicle weighing just 500 kg. Do not let its diminutive size fool you though. There’s a fire breathing giant hiding under that svelte exposed skeleton. From the original Atom 1 to the newer Nomad, if you can get your hands on an Ariel it promising to be an automotive defining experience.